What We Believe: Our Guiding Principles

Mission:  Black Collie Capital’s mission is to build business success based on our ability to connect great investments with great lenders. To inspire and empower our clients to make thoughtful strategic investments and finance decisions. Therefore our clients get immediate and long-lasting results.

Core Values:

Integrity & Authenticity:  Great relationships built on integrity, trust and mutual respect succeed. We are honest and transparent with our actions, words, decisions, and outcomes. Our focus on integrity and trust has been the key to building long-term relationships, with our clients and capital providers.

Pursuit of Excellence:  We bring the best of ourselves and partners to our clients. We are experts with years of experience securing capital and helping clients transform properties and their bottom lines. This commitment translates into better insight, intelligent direction and skillful execution; delivering the highest-quality service to our clients.

Freedom to be Curious:  Our curiosity, persistence and love for learning drive our creativity and growth for clients and ourselves. As we continue to add distinctive and enduring value, and arrange exceptional and creative financing solutions, Black Collie Capital and their clients visions’ will be collectively realized.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:  Our entrepreneurial spirit, and the level of professionalism with which we approach decisions set us apart. Clients trust our entrepreneurial and independent thinking and our ability to find effective and creative approaches to their most unique challenges.